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Invisalign- Tooth Whitening- Composite Bonding

In this dental cosmetic case, my patient came to me dissatisfied with their smile, which was caused by crowded teeth, general staining, and worn down teeth.


Through a comprehensive treatment plan, we achieved a great smile improvement that left our patient beaming with confidence!

The transformation began with Invisalign treatment, to correct misalignment and crowding issues. This discreet and comfortable orthodontic solution gradually straightened the patient's teeth, ensuring a beautifully aligned foundation.

Following the successful completion of Invisalign, we moved on to teeth whitening, which effectively erased years of discoloration and stains. 

The final touch was composite bonding applied to the six front teeth. Through precise application, we corrected any remaining imperfections, ensuring symmetry and uniformity in the smile. The result was a set of natural-looking, seamlessly blended teeth that exuded confidence!

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