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Portrait Photograph of Dr. Uzair Janjua


Welcome to my website!


I'm Uzair Janjua, a passionate Dentist who believes in delivering high-quality Dentistry to the best of my abilities.


Integrity, excellence, and honesty are the cornerstones of my practice, and I take great pride in providing excellent dental care to my patients.


Continuous self-development is a fundamental aspect of who I am, and it extends to my clinical Dentistry. I am eager to learn and improve, ensuring that I can deliver the highest level of care.


I invite you to explore this website to get to know me better, learn about the services I offer, and read testimonials from satisfied patients.


Thank you for considering me as your dentist, and I look forward to serving you with the utmost dedication and care.

Postgraduate Training Courses:


    1.    RIPE Global Dental Courses (Anterior Dental Series, Posterior Dental Series) - 2019

    2.    Monik Vasant Composite Bonding Course - London, 2020

    3.    Chris Orr Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry - 1-year long, London, 2021

    4.    The Endo Guys Endodontic Course - London, 2021

    5.    A-Z Advanced Cosmetic and Restorative Course - 1-year long, Manchester

    6.    Invisalign Certification - Completed in 2022

    7.    Bilal Arshad Composite Veneers Course - Manchester, 2022

    8.    Anterior Composite Course - Cairo, Egypt, 2022

    9.    Masters Course in Implant Dentistry - Florence, Italy, 2023 (year-long course)

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