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Gum Disease Treatment, Invisalign, Whitening & Composite Bonding

1. Our patient initially presented with gum disease, a condition that can lead to tooth loss and aesthetic concerns such as gaps between teeth. A collaborative effort between our dental team and a gum disease specialist was initiated to address and manage the periodontal issues. Through a combination of gum treatment and improvement of the patient's brushing routine, the patient's gum health was successfully restored to its optimal state.

2. Once the foundation of healthy gums were established, the focus shifted towards enhancing the aesthetics of the smile. Invisalign was chosen to address gaps and misalignment. This discreet and comfortable treatment method effectively closed the gaps between teeth, ensuring a harmonious and symmetrical dental arch.


3. Teeth whitening followed the completion of Invisalign.

4. To perfect the smile makeover, composite bonding was employed to address any remaining imperfections and achieve a seamlessly uniform appearance. The artistic application of composite bonding to selected teeth ensured that the smile was both natural-looking and visually appealing.

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